Our story

Our delectable dried fruit snacks are crafted with care from locally sourced surplus fruits in Chanthaburi province. Each bite embodies our commitment to sustainability, promoting eco-conscious choices and reducing food waste.

For every pack purchased, a portion of proceeds goes towards supporting local sustainable farming initiatives and community welfare projects.

Our partners in the hotel and restaurant businesses, who source their fruits from local farmers, send us any surplus from their kitchens. Additionally, we source fruits from communities that cannot sell their fruits on time.

We use clean solar energy in the manufacturing process and support employment in the local community. We slice every piece of fruit with care and dry it in a solar oven, with no artificial ingredients or added sugar.

In our inaugural campaign, we collaborated with our partners to address the issue of banana waste. Bananas, being a tropical fruit, have a notoriously short shelf life. As a result, countless bananas that are deemed aesthetically imperfect, despite being perfectly edible, are discarded daily.

Our efforts have resulted in the reduction of 571 kilograms of food waste.

and contributed to reducing global emission.